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RFID is not completely new to business. Each year more companies are implementing RFID technology while RFID solutions continue to mature and evolve. The benefits of RFID technology can be seen throughout a wide variety of industries, all the way from healthcare to manufacturing and logistics and retail. As industries continue to demand better efficiencies, more productivity and increased visibility, the requirement for RFID solutions become essential.

Increased Revenue

Revenue growth through increased order fill rate, greater product availability and decreased out-of-stocks

Lower Costs

Lower costs through operational and labor efficiencies, with a decrease in shrink and nonworking inventory

Fixed Asset Utilization

Better utilization of fixed assets, resulting in lowered capital asset requirements

Valuable Knowledge

Supplies valuable data and knowledge to businesses that can deliver a competitive advantage such as boosting customer retention rates

Increased Productivity

An RFID system can increase productivity – as less monitoring is needed and both goods and information are handled more efficiently

More Responsive

An RFID system makes it easier to respond to new circumstances as a result of information gained from the supply networks

Reduce Errors

Less errors, higher reliability – no human intervention needed for reading the data

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